Union Council

The Union Council is the governing body of Derby College Students' Union, only superceded by a Referendum of all members.

The aim of the Union Council is:

  • Set union policy
  • Amend the constitution and schedules
  • Instruct and hold accountable the work of the Executive Committee on their work
  • Receive and approve reports from committees
  • Approve financial reports, budgets and accounts
  • provide us with feedback



  1. Welcome from the Chair - this is where the President will introduce everyone to the meeting and explain a little more on how the Union Council operates.
  2. Declarations of Interest - all participants must declare any interest in any ordinary motions that may affect them. Ie if there was a motion to interest the Sabbatical wage for the rest of the year, then the President will need to 'declare an interest' in that item.
  3. To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on _____ - the previous meetings record of account / minutes of the meeting must be approved.
  4. Matters Arising - if any actions were decided upon at the last meeting then this is where updates on those are required.
  5. Executive Reports - All Executive Committee members must supply an account of all activities they have undertaken, so far, in post. All attendees can ask questions of the Executive Committee after reports have been given.
  6. Trustee Board Update - The Trustee Board ensure that the Union is run in the best interests of its stakeholders (ie. Students, Derby College and anyone else it immediately effects).
  7. Other Reports - Normally this is where the Students' Union Activity Report + others are discussed.
  8. Ordinary Motions - All motions that are submitted by the submission deadline.
  9. Emergency Motions - A Motion may be submitted after the submission deadline, but, only when they relate to an event on/after the deadline.
  10. Any other Business - this is where anyone may discussed any other relevant topic.
  11. Date of the Next Meeting - what it says on the tin!


What is a Motion?

In brief, a motion is the information provided to the Union Council so that those present can decide upon the direction of the Union, a plan of action upon a specific topic, or to establish a policy/ procedure to be followed.  As part of the democratic processes of the Students’ Union all full members are permitted to submit motions to the Supreme Governing body of the Union – Union Council. 

Union Council is made up of any Derby College student who wishes to attend.

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