Your Welfare


Welcome to the section of this website that is solely concerned about you, and your welfare! We’ve put some information pages together looking at issues that may be affecting you at this stage in your life, and education…


The Student Advice Centre is a confidential support service run by the Student’ Union. Student Advisor’s Lauren Jones and Kate Gregory (Mark Rugman is aslo on hand too) are here to offer support, representation and guidance to any student who needs it. If you have academic issues; issues at home; need contraception; find yourself homeless; need representation at college or have any other concern, please contact us at the Student Advice Centre – were here to help, it’s our job!


We will do everything we can to help, and if we don’t have all the answers, we know someone who will! Don’t hesitate to contact us!



Direct Tel: 01332 387488


Internal ext. 3488


Mobile: 07519831560 (call or text)


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