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Periodically, NUS, the UK Government and other organisations want to know what the public or specifically students feel about a particular topic or change to governance. We will post relevant links, documents, surveys etc... here for you to "Have Your Say".



From gov.uk: Inspection visits to further education and skills providers judged to require improvement


Ofsted is seeking your views on proposed changes to inspection visits to further education and skills providers who are judged to require improvement.


We currently carry out support and challenge visits to providers that require improvement, resulting in unpublished letters. We propose instead to carry out a single monitoring visit, which will result in a published report with progress judgements.


OfSTED propose to make these changes due to:

  • We consider that this change will help providers who require improvement to improve and help us better focus our inspection resources. Reports will evaluate the progress providers are making in implementing the recommendations from the last inspection.
  • Ofsted has a duty to learners, apprentices and employers, as well as to providers, to be open and transparent. Publishing monitoring visit reports will help everyone to know more about the progress being made.




Although Derby College is a GOOD College with OUTSTANDING features OfSted and the government would still like to hear your views regarding the process for "requires improvement" further education providers.

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